24 March, 2009

Volcano Erupts, Destroys Jindal and Palin

Unfortunately, the bugger blew in the middle of the night, so we'll have to content ourselves with this image from Mt. Redoubt's 1990 eruption, which more accurately reflects its effect on Jindal and Palin's talking points.

I do so hope you lot can watch videos online. This one gets it in one:

Paul Krugman's Parthian shot is a sheer delight:
Volcano monitoring - why would you want to monitor a volcano? 'Cause it might erupt and kill a lot of people.
And this, ladies and gentlemen, is one of the 10,000,000,001 reasons why one should never trust Cons to run the government.

1 comment:

Grung_e_Gene said...

But, I don't live near a volcano (or in New Orleans, or in Leftist Wildfire California) therefore I don't want money spent on such things.

Also I don't pay attention when federal funds are given when there is a disaster in "my" area.

Man, you evil Redistributors! You just don't understand reasoning!