16 March, 2009

Sorting Out the Revolutionaries from the Mere Dirty Fucking Hippies

So, the Center for American Progress put up The Progressive Quiz. A bunch of us took it.

In defiance of the evidence, Mike Dunford swears he's a moderate.

John Lynch is unabashedly "a god-damned baby-eating liberal pinko scumbag 'extremely progressive.'"

John Pieret sez, "But anyway you slice it, all three of us are commie, God-hating, anti-Merkin', wine-sipping, nattering nabobs of negativism and part of the effete corps of impudent snobs 'extremely progressive' according to the Center For American Progress.

And yet, none of them achieved my rarefied status of argula-eating, latte-guzzling, terrorist-loving, wealth-spreading, family-destroying, Christian-persecuting, sociocommiefascist antichrist extra "extremely progressive." I trounced them all.

Raise you hand if you're shocked.

Yes? You in the back? Did you know the word gullible isn't in the dictionary?

So, yeah, I'm sitting on a nice, fat score of 356 here. Who wants to take me on? Who thinks they're a bigger dirty fucking hippie commie socialist America-hater than I am? Bring it on!

Mostly so I can point to you and say, "You think I'm extremely progressive? Wait'll you get a load of this guy!" But also because it's fun.


Mike at The Big Stick said...

And by 'progressive' they of course mean SUPER liberal. I will wear my 188 as a badge of honor.

Woozle said...

I'm a mere 342 (probably because some of my preferred solutions are more progressive than the standard liberal ones, but weren't given as an option, so I rated their "liberal" choice as a mild positive instead of a 10). Also, I don't hate America -- just certain parts of it. I bow to Dana's progressive awesomeness.

And by "SUPER liberal", Mike of course means what we would consider "reasonably sane".

The brand of conservatism which is popular now will destroy the country and the world if it isn't checked, Mike. A "progressive" conservative should be able to see that. You can't maintain a decent global civilization based on authoritarianism, "us vs. them", "government is always bad but anarchy is evil so just do what we say" and "people should believe what's good for them rather than what's true".

Cujo359 said...

I doubt that you could manage a decent local civilization based on authoritarianism for long, Woozle. Something about the idea of not being able to correct your leadership when their wrong.

Anyway, apparently I'm so regressive that the site won't even let me take the test. Fucking Adobe. If they're going to continue to do their best to ensure that no one uses a free alternative to their product, the least they can do is write a 64 bit version of it.

Radha said...

I beat Dana! I beat Dana!


Now anyone just TRY beating that!

PS: Dana, I'm a frequent lurker on your blog, I believe this is the first or second time I've commented. I read your blog everyday for a quick pick-me-up before I head home :)

Woozle said...

Cujo: I took it using Firefox 3 on Kubuntu 9 alpha... but I'm cheating and using the Medibuntu non-free-as-in-speech stuff, though it is still free-as-in-beer.

But yeah, why isn't there yet an entirely free (in both senses) alternative to Flash? Every time I ask this question, I'm told that it's not necessary because the Flash format isn't proprietary... Wikipedia begs to differ.

Efrique said...

Mine was 349 but I clicked the wrong number accidentally on one question (I was going to click 0 but the mouse was still on 2 from an earlier click when my finger had a spasm).

I guess it would have been several points higher.

I'm not particularly "progressive" around here (but that's different from US). Fairly strongly left of center on social issues, close to center but tilting left on economic ones.

Cujo359 said...

I use that substitute, Woozle. It's called gnash, and it works fairly well at showing YouTubes now.

Adobe has released specifications for some features of Flashmedia. There is some that they still haven't disclosed, as I understand it. It's also possible to use proprietary codecs to encode the video, and some producers do that.