22 March, 2009

Turning the Tables

More accurately, turning Faux News's own tables over so we can rip off a leg and spank them soundly with it:

In response to a post about how Fox News falsely claimed the Dow dropped 56 points during a speech by President Obama, an e-mailer offers up a snarky question (subject line Fauxviating):

So what has the DOW done since Faux came into existence?

Obviously, the question mocks Fox's favorite sport, highlighting (or inventing) drops in the Dow while a Democrat speaks.

Just for the record, Fox Business News had its first broadcast on October 15, 2007. The previous close was 14,093.08.

In other words, since Fox Business News came into existence, the Dow has dropped nearly 50%.

This is fun. I may have to start watching Faux News just so I can find further opportunities to paddle them with their own faulty logic.

1 comment:

Efrique said...

A graph would be nice.

One related to things Bill O'Reilly has done (or one of the other denizens of Fail News in his stead) might also be fun.