17 March, 2009

Funny. I Thought They Were Proud of Iraq

Could it be... shame?
Last week, Politico reported that President Bush’s advisers have decided to downplay the Iraq war in presentations for his presidential library:

The president’s advisers are still chewing over what topics to emphasize. Iraq is unlikely to be one of them. Advisers say they have made a specific decision to leave that verdict to history and not try to defend it at a time when Iraq could still wind up as either a democracy or a disaster.

Not only will the Iraq war be de-emphasized, it may not show up much at all. TP reader Grumpy Demo points out that Bush’s official 483-word bio on the presidential library website doesn’t have a single mention of the Iraq war. In fact, the man who once declared “I’m a war president,” has just one short paragraph devoted to national security issues — with no mention of Iraq or Afghanistan.
Y'know, ignoring things you don't want to deal with may work for small shite, like, oh, say, that embarrassing blow-up over a blow job. Doesn't work so well with two fucking wars.

Here's what I think we should do for some serious shits and giggles. I think we should print up a whole lotta little placards. Really nice font, nice cardstock, the whole bit. Put in all the facts about Iraq and Afghanistan - the lies that got us there, the civilians killed, the torture, the destruction, the corruption, the mysterious vanishing arms and cash, the soldiers electrocuted in the shower because KBR couldn't be bothered to hire proper electricians, they were so busy robbing America blind. There's plenty more, so we'll have to print lotsa different placards, all with a different theme, with plenty of duplicates. Maybe even laminate them. And then stick 'em all over Bush's library when it's built. We could use superglue, even, which would make tearing them down all the harder, and then when the staff have finally managed to scrape them off the exhibits, we take our duplicates and go a-gluing again.

Hell, I'd go to his library every damned day just for that pleasure.

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