15 March, 2009

A Little Something For Our Annie-versary

Kaden lives! And he'd like to make us a little something special for COTEB's anniversary:
Might ye be wantin' somethin' shpecial made up fer our "Annie-versary" this comin' May?

I might be able to design or draw something to commemorate, if you give me some ideas or requests.
I definitely be wantin' something a little shpecial, but at this point, I have no idea what. Start brainstorming, my dear Elitist Bastards.

Also, we have exactly three (3) Captains so far. This is not enough captains. Whether you're new to the helm or have taken the HMS Elitist Bastard out for a spin before, if you think you can captain the ship, volunteer!

We need a few good Bastards...

1 comment:

Atheist Chaplain said...

I've never been called a "Good" Barstard before and until real life decides to settle down to something just below the coming of the riders of the apocalypse. I have just enough time to read you and PZ before I have to man the battlements, armed with nothing more than the love of a good woman and a flame-thrower MaGyver'd from stored anal gas collected in zip lock bags and squeezed out Bagpipe style over a candle made from ear wax.

At least my sense of humour is slowly coming back :-)