05 December, 2009

Captain on Deck - Muster Up, Me Hearties!

(Postdated, etc. New content be below.)

Aye, our communication failures be fixed, and Captain Stephanie be ready to take the helm.  But she be in need o' a crew.  So rouse yerselves from yer turkey comas, muster yer best elitist bastardry, and get on deck by end o' day Friday.

If ye've never sailed before, here's how ye join the crew:

1. Pick a blog post o' yours that hits the stupid where it hurts.

2. Send us the link at elitistbastardscarnival@gmail.com.

That be it.  What could be more easy?  Ye can write about anything ye like - we take all manner o' intelligent and interesting discourse.

See ye aboard!

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