22 December, 2009

Evil Kittehs

It's one o' those nights.  Need a laugh.  So do you.  I'm sure you do.  But first, I do hope you realize your cat's probably plotting to take over the world right at this very moment:

Step one: defeat the dog:

Where the obsessive-compulsive drinking ritual fits in to the scheme, I have no idea:

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NP said...

Warrington does something similar whenever he drinks from the water dish, as well.

I looked it up some time ago and found out he does it because he was a stray. He has to check the water before he drinks it to make sure there's nothing scary in it or that it's really water that he can drink.

He's better than he used to be. He used to stick his paw in the water dish to check it (which annoyed the other kitties when they were drinking when he did it), and now he just paws at the carpet in front of it.

As to how it fits into the scheme of taking over the world...well, maybe we can chalk it up to ensuring enemies aren't lurking in the water?