21 December, 2009

Ed Brayton Praises Police: Dana Hunter Taken to Hospital with Heart Failure

If you're a regular reader of Dispatches from the Culture Wars, you know that Ed Brayton gleefully exposes every bit of police corruption that comes his way.  He's merciless.  And so, this post rather took me by surprise.

It starts out normally enough:

Dozens of convictions for drunk driving are suspect now that a routine audit of a crime lab in Colorado Springs showed that the results of those tests were typically overstated by the lab's testing.

And so I read on for the smackdown.  Instead, I got this:

The good news is that the local police and prosecutors seem to be taking this seriously and looking to do the right thing:
"We're not going to be relying upon any questionable blood alcohol content results," he said. "The District Attorney's office and the Colorado Springs Police realize how serious it is and we're acting accordingly."

"We don't want to treat anybody as guilty if they're not," he added...
And then he gives them kudos.  Kudos!

I don't know if my world will ever be the same again.

Oh, and Colorado Springs?  Kudos to ye for caring more about truth than convictions.

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