17 December, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

This shit's a huge mess.

I'm too tired and frustrated to sort through this shit.  Today's takeaway lesson is this: Dems have managed to strip everything the public liked about the bill, all to satisfy King Lieberman, who is now trying to talk the progressive talk with Dana Bash and sounding just like a ratfucking Con instead.  There's a huge argument right now over whether the bill's worth passing or not.  Whichever you believe is right, we know what Bernie Sanders thinks: he's out.

So then there's the individual mandate, which a good argument can still be made for.  A good argument against it can be made, too.  I'm sorry, but without the public option, the Medicare buy-in, or some fucking form of competition, I see it as an undeserved reward to insurance companies who, even now, are determined to fuck over their customers.  One can understand why Howard Dean dressed Mary Landrieu down so thoroughly for forcing us to suck up to the insurance companies.

One thing to remember, though, my darlings: none of this bullshit would've been possible without the Cons.  They are the ones whose obstructionist tactics have caused a 60-vote requirement.  Without that, King Lieberman and his merry bunch of fuckwits would have no power.  And now, of course, the Cons are willing to harm the troops for the sake of delay.  They're willing to fuck every soldier so they can relive their glory days of August.  I thought that was tantamount to treason?  IOKIYAR, I guess.

And really, what else can we expect from the party of Glenn Beck?  It's not as if they feel the need to be honest, after all.  In fact, repeating outright lies is utterly fine with them.

So, yeah.  Democrats are hapless idiots, Conservadems are bloody stupid, but they're not the gist of the problem.  No, it's Joe "Closet Con" Lieberman and the entire fucking Con caucus who are the truly evil little shits in this battle. 

Now we wait to see just how far Dems have to be pushed before they go to war. 

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