12 December, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

Sometimes, only sometimes, Harry Reid makes me wish I lived in Nevada so I could vote his arse out of office.  His removing consumer protections from the health care bill is one of those times.

And Ben Nelson's dumbfuckery over abortion language has me tempted to move to Nebraska just for the pleasure of primarying his ass.  The fact that Cons, who are offering amendments solely "as a parliamentary maneuver to "flush out" Democratic centrists Ben Nelson and Jim Webb, and to try to peel them away and thus stop the bill" should be a clue to him that he's on the wrong fucking track.  Alas, he is utterly fucking clueless.

Those of you who still believe that Cons are obstructing health care reform because they love the common folk and want the best for them really need to read this memo.  Alas, it seems it's all about political gain for them.  Sorry to shatter your illusions, there.

And if Snowe was serious about reform, she wouldn't be telling Dems she can only support the bill if they slow it down.  Delay is a Con tactic to kill health care reform, not a measured, sober response to America's desperate need.  We've been at this for years.  There's no fucking reason at all to slow down.

Finally, will somebody please make sure that all of the Dems who keep jerking this thing to the right out of some absurd notion that Americans want a right-wing bill see this assessment from Nate Silver that shows rather precisely the opposite?  Thank you.

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