01 December, 2009

Heckuvajob, New Jersey

So, between electing a motherfucking Con as governor and letting the Catholic Church tell you same sex marriage is bad while shuffling sexually abusing priests around so they can continue their predations isn't so bad, you've managed stop progress dead in its tracks.  Heckuva job.  You should feel real fucking proud, there.
Same sex marriage advocates are seeing the end of the line for their cause in an unlikely place: New Jersey. Marriage equality was once expected to be all but inevitable in the Garden state, but as Newark Star-Ledger political columnist Tim Moran reports today, all that changed with the election of Gov.-elect Chris Christie (R).

Christie promised on the campaign trail to veto the same-sex marriage law that Moran reports many expected the state legislature to pass this year. Christie's defeat of Gov. Jon Corzine (D), coupled with a stepped up opposition campaign by the Catholic Church, has led one-time supporters of marriage equality in New Jersey to change their tune.
This is what you get believing Cons can solve your problems.  And guess what?  New Jersey's economy shall remain in the toilet, and corruption shall still reign.  All you've done by electing in the opposition is ensuring you've gotten yourselves fucked over even worse.

The stupidity in this country makes me seriously ashamed to be an American.

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