07 December, 2009

What To Do With a Cathedral and Other Musical Inspirations

My nightly routine usually includes background babble while I putter about making dinner and catching up on random bits of blog reading whilst stuffing my face.  Tonight, I decided against my usual fare of true crime shows, and went galloping through the listings for something a little less depressing.

People sometimes wail, "But if nobody believes anymore, what will happen to the cathedrals?"  Sarah Brightman found an answer:

How gorgeous is that, right?  If every human being on earth lost their faith right now, if cathedrals were no longer places of worship, cathedrals would still have a purpose: they're spectacular settings for spectacular music.  Not to mention their historical significance, their architectural beauty, and all that.  They would still be vibrant, living buildings.

Well, having gotten distracted by Sarah Brightman (and a cat who thought cuddling was more important than mom refueling), I turned to a different PBS channel and discovered Guido's Orchestra.  Outstanding:

I wants one.  *drool*

I'm tremendously excited to see that they'll be releasing the DVD and CD in America soon, because I can't bloody afford the PBS membership right now. But I.  Must.  Have.  This.

Look, I may be metal - but that doesn't mean I don't have a deep and abiding love for classical music.  I've had it ever since high school.  And I can tell you from personal experience that it really shocks people when a headbanger complete with ripped jeans, steel-toed boots, and studded vest emerges from a Cadillac with Tchaikovsky blaring at full volume.

Right, then.  I've had me fun - time to immerse myself in me work again.  COTEB will be up here as soon as Stephanie's got it done.  In the meantime, enjoy some astounding music.

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