11 December, 2009

Your Daily Dose of Health Care Reform Stupidity

There's a lot of substance to be said about the health care reform battle in the Senate.  I haven't got anything of substance for you.  All I've got is bags full of utter dumbfuckery.  Well, maybe there's a pinch of substance, but mostly dumbfuckery.

Take Joe Lieberman.  Please take him on a long trip and never bring him back.  Could there maybe be an Appalachian Trail somewhere he'd like to go hike?  He sure as shit doesn't belong in the Senate.  He thinks a public option trigger that's nearly impossible to pull is an unacceptable irritant.  And yes, he's willing to filibuster over an irritant.  Oh, and remember when Joe used to love the idea of a Medicare buy-in?  Apparently, he doesn't.

He seems to hate things simply because Dems love them, or at least like them enough to go with them.  He's got plenty of company, because Cons seem to be living by the same philosophy.  The nutballs who didn't want to debate the bill at all are now howling because the Dems thought it might be nice to take the weekend off.  I don't think they expected Harry Reid to be all for staying in to debate, or they wouldn't have thrown the tantrum.  Oh, and remember how they've been wailing and crying that the bill's too long?  Now they're wailing and crying that it's not long enough.

I ask you.

They're probably a bit discombobulated.  After all, their failure to negotiate has resulted in a far more liberal bill than we'd otherwise be discussing.  Poor dears - their feet must really ache, considering how many times they've shot themselves in them.  They're so flustered they've chosen John "I Lost in '08 Because My Judgement Sux!" McCain as their point man on obstructing health care reform.

Keep on eye on Capitol Hill on December 15th.  The Teabaggers plan to engage in a little melodramatic performance art.  Maybe they'd like to go do that at an actual health care clinic.  I'm sure they'd be very popular among the people who already suffer long waits and sometimes drop dead waiting for health care.

Meanwhile, Missouri Cons would rather their citizens suffer than accept health care reform.

Attention, American public: Stop giving Cons incentive to lie.  Thank you.

Speaking of the American public, the majority still wants to see the public option pass.  This might be a good thing to tell Congress, although it seems most members of Congress can't hear Americans' voices over the roaring of their own stupidity.  Rep. Grijalva hears loud and clear, however, and finds the Senate's compromises unacceptable.  He doesn't seem to care that the godfather of the public option thinks the Senate compromise actually includes a pretty good public option of sorts.  Can't say as I blame him.

And that's about all I can take for one day.  It's enough, innit?

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Cujo359 said...

He thinks a public option trigger that's nearly impossible to pull is an unacceptable irritant.

For once, I find that I'm agreeing with Joe Lieberman. Why bother to include it if it will never be used? You know it's never going to be used, because somehow the numbers will work out to be OK for the insurance industry. That's how the game is played.

He's opposing it for all the wrong reasons, but for once in his sad political career, he's right.