10 December, 2009

Happy Hour Discurso

Today's opining on the public discourse.

Wednesdays are turning into unmitigated suck.  Once again, I have virtually no time for blogging.  But I won't leave you without a little something, my darlings.  Not when there was so much delicious stupidity today.

Alberto Gonzales sums up the entire Bush regime attitude to law and the Constitution:
Disgraced former Attorney General Alberto Gonzales is still reflecting on his absurd, scandal-plagued tenure as the nation's chief law-enforcement official. In particular, Gonzales has some thoughts on what transpired when his Justice Department politicized federal prosecutions to an unprecedented extent, and U.S. Attorneys were purged from their jobs if they hesitated to support a partisan agenda.
"We should have," Gonzales says in hindsight, "abandoned the idea of removing the U. S. attorneys once the Democrats took the Senate. Because at that point we could really not count on Republicans to cut off investigations or help us at all with investigations. We didn't see that at the Department of Justice. Nor did the White House see that. Karl didn't see it. If we could do something over again, that would be it."
So remember that lesson learned: Before you do something really cool, make sure no one can investigate you. Especially useful advice in this town.
Yup.  You read that right.  Completely bald assertion that the problem isn't with breaking the law, but doing it when your buddies couldn't cover your ass.  Incredible.

In Climate Change Denialist Stupidity news, we have Sarah Palin managing to get extreme dumbfuckery published in the op-ed pages of the WaPo.  Steve Benen dismisses her with a single line: "Yes, by all means Governor Creationist, lecture us some more about the integrity of science."  Then he deconstructs her.  Awesome.

Paging Climate Change Denialists, party of five.  Yes, that's right - AFP's big Copenhagen denial fest drew a crowd of five (5, cinco) people.  That is, until they drew a crowd of fifty protesters.  Their speaker, too lame to come up with honest rebuttals, called them "Hitler Youth."  Godwin's Law strikes IRL.  Argument lost.

And Rep. Dana "Dino Farts" Rohrabacher freaks out over his fevered imaginings of a global government poised to shackle Americans.  These people really have sad little mental lives, don't they?

No wonder Al Gore has no patience for these people.  Right there with ya, Al.

Moving on to other nitwits, Michele Bachmann has no idea why the left hates her - after all, she's "just a lovable little fuzz-ball."  We don't hate you, Michele - we're laughing at you.  I mean, when you babble about ACORN regulating the financial industry and implicitly agree with frothing-insane people like John Voight when they say the President's been programmed to damn America, it's kinda hard not to laugh.

Dick Cheney, by the way, is sounding just as unhinged these days.

Moving on, let's discuss the Cons' further economic genius.  Sen. DeMint strutted his stuff by calling for - what else - more tax cuts for the wealthy to solve all our economic problems.  And the valiant defenders of the common man huddled with Wall Street lobbyists to ensure Wall Street can continue screwing John Q. Public unimpeded by pesky regulations.

Remember how Cons suddenly discovered a deep and abiding love of Medicare when Dems proposed some trimming of the same fat they'd been griping about for ages? Remember how they screamed that Medicare is awesome and nobody better touch it?  Yeah.  The valiant defenders of Medicare don't want to see it expanded one little bit.  And Glenn Beck wants it abolished outright.  Real defendy, there, guys.

How's Blanche Lincoln's posturing on health care reform working for her?  It could win her a nice, juicy primary challenger.  I have to say, I'm delighted.

And, finally, remember Mr. "You Should Have Said Green Balloons"?  Will anybody be shocked when they find out this bit about his sordid past?
Rod Jetton, the former Missouri House Speaker, fired a state lawmaker from his committee chairmanship in 2007 because the lawmaker had changed a bill in order to end a state ban on gay sex -- or what Jetton called "deviate sexual intercourse."

Yup.  Funny how the Cons most against "deviate sexual intercourse" are the ones who enjoy it most.

Right, then, my darlings.  It's back to work for me.  See ye tomorrow, when hopefully things won't be quite so chaotic, and we can take the time to actually savor the stupid.


dNorrisM said...

Here is another plug for Harry Shearer; specifically his song:

The Head of Alberto Gonzalez

(Lyrics only; apparently the song itself costs $.)

Efrique said...

I suspect that the cons can only really enjoy it when it's "officially" deviant.

And those awful liberals are trying to make it seem normal and acceptable, those killjoys.