05 December, 2009

Shame on You, New York Senate

More specifically, shame on the conniving Cons who promised their support and then pulled a Lucy:
New York's state Assembly had already approved same-sex marriage this year, and Gov. David Paterson (D) was anxious to sign the measure into law. All that was necessary was the state Senate to pass the bill, and rumor it had the necessary number of Republican votes had already been lined up.

Indeed, it was poised to be a historic day in Albany -- right up until the chamber voted.
The State Senate defeated a bill on Wednesday that would legalize same-sex marriage, after an emotional debate that touched on civil rights, family and history. The vote means that the bill, pushed by Gov. David A. Paterson, is effectively dead for the year and destroys the optimism of gay rights advocates.
The bill was defeated by a decisive margin of 38 to 24. The Democrats, who have a bare, one-seat majority, did not have enough votes to pass the bill without some Republican support, but not a single Republican senator voted for the measure.
I'd heard as late as this morning that the votes really would be there, and that some GOP moderates would break ranks and support equality. It's unclear, at this point, whether a) Dems in the chamber are just bad at counting; b) some Republicans went back on their word, or c) a little of both.
Oh, I'm pretty sure the Dems aren't that bad at counting.  It appears they are that gullible, though. And there's eight of them that are that bigoted.

New Yorkers took to the streets in protest.  Let's hope that next year, the Senate starts listening to the majority of New York residents who support same-sex marriage.  I'm very, very tired of seeing people denied their civil rights and their common humanity because of other idiots' sexual hang-ups.

On a somewhat related note, Sweden's cutting off funding to Uganda for their anti-gay fuckery.  I wish I could say the United States would join them in doing the right thing, but doing the right thing has been awfully difficult for this country lately.

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John Pieret said...

I am ashamed of my state legislature ... but that's nothing new (remember 1776 ... both the date and the play?).

The good news is that the measure could never get a vote before and, having now gotten one, it is only a matter of time.