03 May, 2010

Decisions, Decisions

Help me decide them.

AllPosters is evil, and has decided to have a 22% off sale.  I've got a blank wall wanting to be filled with prints.  Alas, I have found too many.  So it's opinion time.  Tell me what you guys think.  Prints are after the jump.

For Chinese prints, we have the following:

For Japanese, we have got:

Right, then.  Opinions, please.  What should grace my walls?


Nicole said...

My first choice would be Untitled by Ando Hiroshige. After that, Night Rain.

How many are you thinking?

Chris said...

I like "Night Rain on Karasaki Pine" the best.

gruntled atheist said...

Mikawa Province, Horaiji Temple by Ando Hiroshige is amazing.

Dana Hunter said...

I'm getting at least four, so recommend away! ;-) Thanks for your input so far, my darlings!

Cujo359 said...

Dreaming of Immortality and Winter Falls. I like the one about the roof ornament, too, but mainly because it looks like something Matt Groening would draw.