21 May, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

All of the really good Dumbfuckery appears to have happened whilst I was vacationing.  So it goes, and I don't have the motivation to seek out old stupid in order to give it a good hard kick in the ribs.

Today's a bit dull, but a theme's emerging.  In this year's election races, the Cons are fielding some extraordinary nags.  I mean, Jim DeMint's beloved darling Rand Paul buried both feet in it with his civil rights faux pas, creating suck a stink that DeMint's gonna have to talk to him about washing up.  My only question is why didn't DeMint figure out his baby's propensity for extreme dumbfuckery before he annointed him the Chosen One?  Perhaps it's because Rand enjoys a good feed at the ol' gubmint trough just as much as the rest of the hypocritical fucktards.

In other news, Nevada's Sue "Chickens" Lowden has jumped out of the rotisserie and into the fryer:

"Let's talk about my RV," she told a local reporter. "It was donated. I'm really fortunate. Anyone could have had an RV if they had a supporter who wanted to donate."

And that'd be true, if the value of the RV were a few thousand dollars. But as a would-be senator (or at least her staff) should know, there are legal limits on campaign contributions.

To try to spin her way out of the mess, Lowden changed course yesterday, and said she "misspoke." The RV wasn't actually "donated" after all, the Republican candidate insisted.

But Nevada's Department of Motor Vehicles came to a different conclusion, noting that Lowden's name is on the title.

Here's the part I don't get: why are Republicans in D.C. putting up with this? Lowden is their preferred candidate, and the best bet, in their opinion, to defeat Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid (D) in November.

Haven't they sent out competent staffers to help her out? Shouldn't the party have prepped her on how to be a capable candidate for statewide office? At this point, Lowden seems to be embarrassing herself, and the GOP establishment must be kicking itself for not having done more to get Lowden on track.
This, alas, would require more intelligence than the Cons seem to possess.

And, most pathetically, Staten Island Cons have decided to place their hopes in disgraced adulterer Vince Fossella because, and I quote party chair John Friscia,
"It is my firm belief that he is the strongest candidate we can field," Friscia said, adding that he didn't know if Fossella would run. "I have an obligation to pick the strongest candidate with the best chance of success."
I usually don't like to believe that special elections are any sort of bellwether, but considering this slate of fine candidates, I really have no choice but to conclude that the Cons' ignominious loss in PA is a bit o' a sign that voters aren't quite as stupid as the Cons need them to be.

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