26 May, 2010

Get A New Room, You Two

Woozle and Mike Debate Thread Mark Something-or-other.  I've lost count and I'm too lazy to look.

Have unmoderated fun, you two.


Mike Dwyer said...

2 months... *sigh*

Woozle said...

Workin' on it, Mike. Every time I start to get back to this, something comes along and drags me off into a deep dark cavern and it takes another 2 weeks to subvert the guards and escape.

Mike Dwyer said...

So I am working on the stencil for the side of my plane. Is that Gravatar of yours copyrighted?

Woozle said...

Curse you Red America Baron! I may be down at the moment, but I'll get you... and hopefully your little dog, too. Well, okay, maybe not the dog. But I shall surely smite you (eventually) with the vast superiority of my liberal ability to compromise and my ruthless willingness to see your point of view (to the best of my ability) with my Point Of View Super Vision!

*Sigh* I think I can agree with the haters of "big government" on one point, at least: bureaucracy sucks. We're in a serious legal battle, with the ultimate showdown (of ultimate destiny) expected sometime in the next 3 weeks. The outcome will likely determine whether I will have time to get back to this debate sooner instead of later.

If I'm shot down, though, your plane will have to share my avatar with ValueOptions; they've already winged me repeatedly, and they're coming around for what looks to be the final kill.