07 May, 2010

Good on Yer, Flagstaff!

I'm very, very proud of my former city right now (h/t):

The Tucson and Flagstaff city councils voted Tuesday to sue Arizona over its tough new immigration law, citing concerns about enforcement costs and negative effects on the state's tourism industry.

They are the first municipalities in Arizona to approve legal challenges to the law. Earlier this week, proposed litigation in Phoenix took a hit when the city attorney said Mayor Phil Gordon lacks the authority to file suit without the support of the City Council.

The Flagstaff City Council voted unanimously in favor of a resolution that says it's an unfunded mandate to carry out the responsibilities of the federal government.

Here's the full text (pdf).  You'll notice they got in a good dig about the bill making it less likely that immigrants will report crimes, too.

Good on yer, Flagstaff!  Go, Tucson!  I hope they start a landslide among cities.  And, Phoenix?  You don't have an excuse - Tucson's closer to the border than you are, so you can't stick your nose up and claim those idjits up north don't understand your suffering at the hands of teh evil immigrants. 

Additionally, let me congratulate Los Suns on their victoryViva Los Suns!

There are good people in Arizona.  Hear them roar.

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