10 May, 2010


I've been playing with Google Street View while captioning photographs from yesterday - they don't do me much good as research unless I know precisely where I was and what direction I was facing when I took them.  This, somehow, led to a brief foray into Nostalgialand - I looked up me old home on Google Maps.  It turns out 13 Blackhorse Road doesn't exist anymore, due to the street numbers having been changed.  But ye olde home is still there, complete with barn, and really barren-looking woods behind it. 

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WTF? said I.  Don't remember it being that scrubby.  Granted, the woods are pinon pine with just a few lone ponderosas, but still.  Used to play in those woods.  They were big and green and lovely.

Can't go to the street view here in Google, alas, but I've gots photos:

See?  It's not all dirt.

Some of the best years of my life, I spent in those woods, with the limestone bones of the world poking out.  There were tadpoles in Wildcat Canyon, even.  In wet years, anyway.

Speaking of barren, my intrepid companion and I were planning our trip to Grand Coulee today, and we came across a restaurant review that reminded us we wouldn't be in Seattle anymore:
While most of the food appears fresh, the fruit (appears to be the only cafe in town to even offer a fruit bowl) is canned, and there appears to be a lack of choices on the menu for those concerned with healthy foods. Otherwise a fine place for breakfast.
That, in the immortal words of Bing, cracks my shit up.

Here in Seattle, you can't sneeze without hitting healthy food, and you can't walk for tripping over farmer's markets, which overflow with fruit.  Sometimes, I forget how very spoiled I am, living in a large city close to productive farmland.

Enough nostalgia for today.  I need to shower and take a nap.  I'm cross-eyed after several hours of captioning and organizing photos.

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Cujo359 said...

Lovely photo. I love desert scenes. I don't think I could live in one full time, but they're lovely to visit.