04 May, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

ZOMG, I feel wretched: Aunty Flow has arrived days early.  Perhaps she surfed in on the tsunami of stupid.  There's been so much of that one could drown.  So I'm going to go bury myself in my book list (and don't ask me how I'm going to whittle 49 science wants down to a dozen or so), and I'll just leave you with some useful links.  The Smack-o-Matic is yours, my darlings.  Wield at will.

First, here's everything you need to know about Ken Cuccinelli, the right-wing gift who keeps on giving.  Steve Benen's updated his recent exploits, including the fact he finds boobies on classical art too risque and his passion for trying to shut up climate scientists by investigating them.  Can we regift him?  If only wingnut stupidity could mop up oil slicks, we could just drop him in the Gulf and no longer have to worry about millions of gallons of oil destroying the coast.

Speaking of oil spill catastrophes, Rep. Gene Taylor wants us all to know it's no big deal - it's basically just like chocolate milk.  I'm sure the wildlife will be convinced as they lay dying in toxic sludge.  Now, before I hit Wikipedia, I'm going to make a prediction: this dumbshit Dem used to be a Con.  Hey, I was close - he's a Blue Dog

Meanwhile, Gov. Perry wants us all to know this was just an unfortunate act of God, nothing at all to do with the fact that BP resisted tougher safety regulations and failed to foresee the obvious.  I shall assume they'll also tell us they failed to foresee that offering coastal residents $5000 bucks a pop to give up their right to ever sue the company for destroying their homes, environment and livelihoods is a bad PR idea.

Elsewhere, in AZ, which used to be one of the most beautiful states in the union and is now only the kind of place you go if you're pining for the good ol' days of Nazi Germany, neo-Nazi fucktards are busy showing up at Arpaio press events and handing out flyers asking people to snitch out their undocumented neighbors on Cinco de Mayo.  I'm amazed Sheriff Joe ain't running for guvnor of the fine new police state, considering the support he's got.  Could have a little something to do with this, though.

For that dumbshit fucking majority of Amurkins who support Arizona's Gestapo tactics, I'd like you to consider a few things.  First, what happened to PalMD in France can happen to you here in the States, and if you don't have a friend standing by, your story may not end so well.  Second, Latinos aren't the only ones being affected - Native Americans are already getting harassed.  And let me tell you fucktards something: America's original natives won't stand for this kind of shit.  You want to know what real ugliness is, wait until you figure out what happens when all of the brown, black, deeply tanned, and lily-white-but-pissed-as-hell-on-behalf-of-others people band together.  There's a lot more of us than there are of you xenophobic fucktards, we've learned a little something from watching MLK take down ol' Jim Crow, and we will overcome, motherfuckers.

Oh, and just as a personal note: I know Arizona's natives fairly well, and something tells me this is a grudge they'll be holding for generations.  Cons can kiss that constituency goodbye, along with Latinos (already a given), Asians, African-Americans, anyone who's just become an American citizen after working their heart out for the privilege, and anyone who has even a tattered shred of decency left in their souls.  Oh, and when MLB's had it's say, you can count most sports fans out, as well.  My goodness, but that "permanent Republican majority's" looking smaller and smaller these days...

Lest we forget, as Mark Pence did, the reason Arizona's decided to grab the bull by the horns and get gored is because the Republicans threw a fit over immigration reform, Republicans blocked all hope of reform, and Republicans continue to block all chance at reform.  So, yeah, when Cons whine, "But of course Arizona had to act, the feds weren't!" that would be because the very Cons who are crying like crocodiles are the ones who created those very conditions.  The hypocrisy, it is rich.

Oh, and, another Con talking point has bitten the dust.  Not that this should shock you.

There's a great deal more burning stupid where all that comes from, but, my darlings, I am spent.  It's back to science books for me.  I need an antidote to all of this extreme dumbfuckery.

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Chris Rhetts said...

This Ken Cuccinelli stuff is extremely troubling. What it amounts to is a search without a shred of probable cause in flagrant violation of the 4th Amendment, and an assault not only on academic freedom but free speech as well.

So, what next? Keep in mind that universities pursue knowledge not just in atmospheric science, but also every other field of human endeavor from algebra to zoology. Its hard to imagine the extent of damage to our educational system which will occur every time some pin headed, right wing bureaucrat decides to take on some "liberal college professor".