12 May, 2010

ZOMG! I Finally Got to Order Brian's Book! SQUEE!!!

Look!  Look at it!  Look at how beautiful it is!  It's Brian's book!  And it's available for pre-order on Amazon

I've waited years for this.  Years, I tell you.  And now I've only got to wait until November, and it will show up on my doorstep!  I can take it from the box and cradle it in my hands and hold it and squeeze it and pet it and love it and I will name it...

Ahem.  Sorry.  Got carried away there.

I just can't wait to read it and review it and give it the five stars I'm already convinced it'll deserve, because if it's even half the quality of Laelaps, it'll be worth every star.  Brian's a brilliant writer.  He knows his shit.  And he's worked his heart out making sure he gives his readers the very best book possible.

You know what this calls for: a champagne fountain!

Now, go pre-order your copy and prepare a toast to the author!

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