26 May, 2010

Oh, the Places We Will Go!

My heart sister recently commented that it looks like we'll have quite a bit of exploring to do when her family's up this way.  We certainly will!  And I know just the place to take my honorary nephew:

They're standing outside the Ginkgo Gem Shop, which not only has the kind of statuary guaranteed to delight a kid, but a lot of educational toys that will edify and amuse at a reasonable price. 

Photos courtesy of my intrepid companion, who snapped these while I was making a beeline for the rocks.

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george.w said...

That will be *WIN* I can assure you. It's been 35+ years since I last visited the Ginkgo gift shop and it's still a fond memory.

I don't recall many details, except for learning about Ginkgo trees and lava flows, and some great fossilized wood displays, but from your pictures the place will have the same feeling about it.