29 May, 2010

Two Views on NOMA

For those of you who, like me, find the idea of non-overlapping magisteria laughable, some funny bits from Jerry Coyne

And Jesus and Mo

I'd say something deep, profound and possibly even meaningful on the subject, but I went to the mall this evening.  I am two pairs of jeans and a few bras richer, and about 40,000 neurons poorer.  This is why all of the clothes in my closet, aside from a few shirts picked up at concerts and tourist traps, are well over two years old.  Shopping sucketh mightily.  And yes, I'm a female and I'm saying I despise shopping for clothes.  There are a few of us in the world.  I was once tempted to convert to Islam just so I wouldn't have to worry about it, but burkas aren't very comfortable in the summer and there's still the matter of the clothes under them.

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John Pieret said...

As one of the people who think of NOMA as a useful way to discuss the prescriptive, rather than the descriptive, relationship between religion and science, I'd just like to ask ...

Is what people wear under their burkas like the question of what Scots wear under their kilts?