05 March, 2009

George Sends Cool Stuff

It's turning in to an impromptu Blogger Appreciation Night at the cantina. Can't highlight you all in just one short evening, but the whole year's ahead of us. I'll get to the rest of you yet!

Starting us off, George from Decrepit Old Fool found a couple of gems. First up: The Amazing Atheist, who gives you remarkable insight into what the cantina would look like if it were a vlog (well, setting aside the fact that I'm not a bearded young dude, o' course). Watch him lovingly take the Smack-o-Matic HandyCam Deluxe 4000 to town on one of the most pathetic conservative fuckwits ever born:

Merciless. Funny. And I caught several of my favorite descriptive profanities in there. I likes it.

Now that you've had a good, cleansing rant, it might be nice to sit back and relax with a little beauty. George sent me this glorious Astronomy Picture of the Day:

Moon, Mercury, Jupiter, Mars
Credit & Copyright: Mike Salway

Wonderful world we've got, innit?

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Efrique said...

I remember that APOD from the other day. It's taken about 50 miles up the coast from where I live.