01 March, 2009

Suzy Homemaker Update: It Won the Popular Vote...

...but lost the electoral. That gorgeous tobacco loveseat the vast majority of you liked so much would've won, but Fred Meyer had this on sale for $250:

Plus matching rocking recliner for $230. And this photo doesn't do it justice - it's a damned attractive loveseat. It's also dead comfortable. We got friendly, one thing led to another, and it's currently in a friend's garage awaiting its new home.

Granted, it's not as fancy as the other one, which was an awesome sweet design. But I took a look at the fabric up close, and, well - it's that shiny, weird-feeling sort of microfiber that looks great for about six months and then totally goes to shit. This cherry isn't. It's made of the kind of microfiber that will endure years of abuse. And did I mention comfortable? And the fact I got both it and its recliner for a hundred bucks less than I would've paid for the other loveseat alone? Well, it was worth mentioning again.

Your votes did count. Without them, I never would've considered a dark brown loveseat. Thank you all very, very much for your input. I wish I could reward you with drinks. Instead, I'll have to reward you with pics of the awesome decor you'll enjoy should your travels ever take you to Seattle, and you decide to drop in at Dana's casa for an evening.

You guys rock even more than that new recliner of mine...

And now, back to Science Sunday.

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