03 March, 2009

Tweety Knocks One Out of the Park

Give the man credit where it's due. This was a classic:

Here is the really pertinent quote from Matthews.

Lott: "By the way if you don't have these delays you end up with the stimulus bill, nobody read, nobody knew what was in it. It raises spending, it's gonna raise taxes, it's gonna wind up cuttin' defense. This is good?

Matthews: Well, it's better than what your crowd left us with. We got the DOW dropping down to 6000, based on the economic policies of the last 8 years. I wouldn't brag.

Oh, snap!

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Cujo359 said...

End up cuttin' defense? Doesn't sound so bad, actually. As a nation, we pay about twice the portion of our GDP that other major nations do, and right now it doesn't seem to be buying us much.