14 December, 2008

Anti-Torture General Praises Eric Holder

Glenn Greenwald, who has spoken out passionately and often against the abuses of the Bush Regime, recently interviewed retired Rear Admiral John Huston, who himself has been battling to bring America back to sanity. I'll let Glenn take over the intro:
Ten days ago, twelve retired Generals and Admirals met with key members of the Obama transition team -- including Attorney General-designate Eric Holder and White-House-Counsel-to-be Greg Craig -- in order, as the Associated Press put it, to "press[] their case to overturn seven years of Bush administration policies on detention, interrogation and rendition in the war on terror." One of those military officers was John Hutson, a retired Rear Admrial [sic] with the U.S. Navy and current Dean and President of the Franklin Pierce Law Center.
You should listen to the interview in its entirety, of course, but I just wanted to highlight this bit:

GG: Now, one of the things that I thought was encouraging about this meeting, and the reports that arose from it, was that they sent the Obama team; that is, they sent extremely important officials that are going to play very influential role. They didn't send low-level functionaries. They sent Eric Holder, who will probably have as much of a role as anybody else in determining how these rules are ultimately written. What was your impressions of their posture, their resolve to do the right thing here, walking away from this meeting?

JH: I have to tell you, I was really impressed. I'm not easily impressionable, I guess. But I think we all were. They were well-informed, they asked good questions, they played Devil's advocate in a very effective way, asking the kinds of questions that you just asked, and what about the ticking time bomb -- all those questions that you hear.

They knew the issues, and were very, very engaged. We had a long meeting, much longer than we expected, because they wanted to plumb the depths of these issues, so that they'd be able to respond to the nay-sayers, to the critics of these policies. And, I was just tremendously impressed, I have to say. Eric Holder was terrific; he was super.

Two things. One, these sorts of things have never been said about Bush's lackeys, so the contrast is stark - very, very encouraging. Two, Eric Holder is "terrific" and "super" in the estimation of this very wise and credible former admiral.

So can Firedoglake please just shut the fuck up about Holder now? When you're cheering on Karl fucking Rove, and you're the only people in the universe aside from the Cons who seem to have a problem with him, your credibility isn't just shattered, it's been chopped, puréed , spread thin, left to dry, incinerated, and then had its ashes scattered in the depths of space.

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