12 December, 2008

"Good" Christians

A day in the life of a frothing fundie: praise God, praise Jesus, demonize science, spout debunked talking points about America being a Christian nation, and write hate mail:

No, I'm not calling it hate mail, I'm calling it stupidity mail (though some of those emails do contain plenty of hate). These were all emails received by Edwin Kagin, the legal director of American Atheists who recently filed a lawsuit over the Kentucky homeland security department being required to declare reliance on God to fight terrorists. I'm including the email addresses and identities of those who sent the emails; if you're going to act this stupid, you shouldn't hide behind anonymity...

I can't bring myself to reproduce the breathtaking idiocy here. I just want to make some observations:

1. They must have made their English teachers weep in frustration.

2. They haven't a single original thought in their heads, and as for reason and logic, well. Even grading on a curve, they fail miserably.

3. They somehow believe their omnipotent, omniscient God will be fatally harmed by removing mention of him from government. Their god is, it would appear, a pretty weak sister.

4. Somehow, removing mention of God from official government business denies them freedom of speech.

5. They've succeeded in making god-fearing Christians look utterly pathetic. Advertisements for the glory and grace of Christ, they are not.

After reading those, I get the sense that if Jesus were real, he'd be drinking with the atheists when he returns. The poor bugger would be less ashamed to be seen in our company.

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