24 December, 2008

A Second Front

While the dog and his minions cast aspersions on our science while channeling their energies into weapons systems we'd discarded long ago, we discover that a second front has opened:

We suffered losses in a sneak attack from Greater Mausistan, but are happy to report that the situation is being handled:

Good intelligence wins wars. We will soon bring Greater Mausistan to its knees. Our kung fu is better than their kung fu - as the dogs will soon discover:

As the old song says, "Those cats were fast as lightning." Oh, but we are!


Woozle said...

Beware of the traitor Mousetongue! He is but a paw of Slobburmaw the White, who now openly colludes with the Dog Lord!

Cujo359 said...

Ahem, that link doesn't work. More psy war, perhaps, this time on your readers?

One Fly said...

Dana- you and Cujo entertain me to no end.

Happy Holidays