23 December, 2008

Bulldozing Kindergartens

Israel is getting well beyond ridiculous. Now they've got plans to demolish a Palestinian kindergarten. It is, of course, being done in the interests of "national security."

From here, it looks like they're intent on creating more terrorists. Demolishing a village and ensuring kids don't get an education is a pretty good way of proving you're a right bunch of bastards.

It's not the first time they've done something outrageous in this village:
In 1983 the IDF declared Al Aqabah a "training area" and even engaged in live fire training in the village, killing 8 villagers, wounding dozens more and driving many residents to leave until an Israeli court several years ago ordered an end to training inside the village.
That's just so far beyond the pale of decency it's not even describable.

If you care to sign a petition against this bullshit, there's one all ready for you.

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