18 December, 2008

Diplomatic Ties Have Been - Shall We Say - Broken

In a war, one should give careful consideration to the emissaries one sends in an effort to negotiate a peaceful resolution to hostilities:

Of course, it's possible that even with this setback, the opposition may find itself in a position of strength. Especially if friendly fire incidents lead to a tragic reduction in forces:


Cujo359 said...

More possibilities for misadventure. I had a cat who wouldn't wear a collar, for crying out loud. How do people get their cats to sit still in these costumes?

Dana Hunter said...


We once tried to put one of our cats in a shirt that said #1 Mischief Maker. After losing a pint or two of blood, we decided the kitteh should remain nekkid.

I really don't understand people who dress their pets. Especially not the ones who insist in putting their dogs in tutus.

I'm sure if we could read their minds, we'd hear something like this.

WWW said...

For my brothers in arms (or lack there of) visit:
Viva the revolution. WWW