17 December, 2008

Things Worthy of Your Attention

I had to visit half the grocery stores in the city looking for chicken breasts tonight. Now I'm having to cook them. Then I have to clean the cat box or risk the wrath of Cat. Rather cuts into the blogging time, that does.

While dinner's cooking, let's have a survey of worthy posts, shall we?

Cujo359 at Slobber and Spittle, while currently holding up his end of the LOLWARZ, has also not neglected his more - shall we say - dignified duties. He has a concise and thought-provoking post on infrastructure projects that should alert us to the fact that spending on infrastructure is only half the battle. It also contains one of the greatest metaphors of all time: "One of the many reasons I was so skeptical of Obama's candidacy was because Washington, DC is a place that resists change to a degree that makes granite look ephemeral."

I loves it.

NP at The Coffee-Stained Writer has gotten into the science blogging with an utterly delightful video. Be prepared to start begging your spouse, Mom, Dad, or other loving relative to buy you one for Christmas. If you want to know what you want, go have a look.

While you're there, prove you're not illiterate.

If you're in the Christmas spirit (i.e., full-on Grinch mode), Annie at Home of the Brave has just the post to make you laugh, complete with carols.

Paul at Cafe Philos asks two questions worth pondering. That's one of the reasons I love his blog so - he manages to slip in things that sound so simple, and yet make me think in profound ways.

Ames at Submitted to a Candid World shows that the stake has been driven thoroughly through ID's heart, by its own hand. And he also has the greatest illustration evah to accompany a post announcing Obama's new energy and environmental teams.

John at Thoughts in a Haystack has a post on the Christian persecution complex and the War on Christmas that brings up an excellent point. I'm not going to tell you what it is: you'll have to hunt that Easter egg yourself.

Efrique at Ecstathy ponders his blog's exciting double-life. You'll be amazed at what it gets up to when he's not looking.

And finally, having saved the most exciting announcement for last (drumroll please).... You can now read Blake Stacey's very own science fiction novel. Online. Fantastic! No, I haven't read it yet - I only just found out. You know what I'll be doing as soon as A Brief History of Time is complete.

And with that, my darlings, dinner is ready. Enjoy your linkfest.


Blake Stacey said...

Thanks for the plug!

(Today's CAPTCHA: "cocyco". These have been getting weird.)

Blake Stacey said...

The "Thoughts in a Haystack" link is broken, BTW.

(CAPTCHA: "consi". If these aren't real words, they should be.)

Cujo359 said...

It looks like this is the link for John's article.

Dana Hunter said...

Link's fixed. Thankees for the catch!