21 December, 2008

First Day o' Winter

I've been watching snow accumulate all night. The traffic cameras show that there are only strips of packed snow where the roads used to be. And it warmed up enough to start drizzling, which means everything's formed a crust of ice. Snow should not break, but ours is.

Even the buses have forsaken the valley I live in. Apparently, they've decided that even with chains, it's too much of a gamble.

And I'm supposed to go to work tomorrow. I don't want to call out due to weather again, but if this shit keeps up, I won't have much choice unless I plan to hoof it the ten miles or so. I don't.

I'm afraid that if I hear anyone burbling about the joy and wonder of a white Christmas, I shall strangle them with my bare hands.

I fucking hate winter.


Anonymous said...

I feel your pain, Dana. I escaped winter in the Midwest by moving to Georgia USA. 80 degrees all this week, but somehow I don't feel so lucky...

Anonymous said...

So I suppose its the wrong time to mention that its currently 20C outside and warming. And this is unseasonably cool, usually at this time of year it is climbing into the high 30's