30 December, 2008

The Long View Myth Gets Smacked Down

I love Digby. She's got a special gift for absolutely eviscerating stupid wingnut fantasies:
Condi Rice and Laura Bush are insisting that the administration will be vindicated by history for all the wonderful work it has done around the world. Rice, especially, is intent upon making the case that if the world gets better some time in the future, Bush will be given the credit for it. (This isn't the first time she and Bush have made this stupid comment.)

This definition of success would mean that you have to reevaluate Tojo since Japan has since become a prosperous, first world country. After all, if it weren't for him, the world wouldn't be where it is today. Hell, where would Western Europe be if it weren't for that bad man in the mustache -- or Eastern Europe if it hadn't been for Stalin? Hey, even Caligula can be seen to be a hero if you believe that the world is better off today than it was during Roman times.

It's not that Bush is necessarily as bad as those examples, but the logic behind Rice's view inexorably leads you to evaluate everyone in history through the lens of human progress --- which means that none of the great villains can be held responsible for their deeds and nothing can ever be learned from bad decisions of the past. As long as the world goes on you can always make the case that things will probably turn out ok in the long run. And that's hardly any comfort ---as the old saying goes, in the long run we'll all be dead.
That should rather put paid to the "Bush will be redeemed by history" myth. Not that it will, because these fuckwits are incapable of dealing with reality. But at least it's a nice, succinct reply to those unthinking idiots who still love their bullshit straight up. It could help a few of them wake up and smell what they've been drinking.

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Efrique said...

If the Cons could make a saint out of an international laughing-stock like Reagan, and manage to assign him credit largely due to Gorbachev, they could probably manage it with Bush.

If they could as well make pariahs out of internationally respected presidents (such as Carter and Clinton both were), they can probably manage it with Obama as well.

Watch out.