04 March, 2010

Comment o' the Day

Chris Rhetts posted a comment that should not remain buried in comments.  No, it needs to be out here in the open, for all to see:
I just wanted to say that just a few minutes ago, in a rare, life altering moment of clarity, I FINALLY GOT IT! Republicans are offering us an amazingly delightful alternative to reality and we, poor fools, don't have the sense God gave a piss ant to accept it. What's the matter with us anyway? Consider for a moment that instead of castigating dickheads like Tony Watts and Jim Inhofe - all we have to do is close our eyes, wish really, really hard that they aren't the two-faced douche bags they seem to be, and *poof!* global warming goes away in a cloud of shit. By the way this Chardonnay I'm sucking down by the quart right now is fantastic. You should try some.
You know what?  Excellent idea.  I just hope it comes in gallons...

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Chris Rhetts said...

I'm just leaving this comment because by doing so I acquire the distinction of commenting on a comment on a comment.