08 March, 2010

Ye Olde Political Dictionary

Steve Benen's updated it.  'Tis an essential reference for those confused by political terms and their usage.

For example:

"Obstructionism," for example, only refers to Democratic minorities opposing Republican proposals.

"Tyranny" is found when an elected Democratic majority passes legislation that Republicans don't like.

"Reconciliation" describes a Senate process that Republicans are allowed to use to overcome Democratic "obstructionism."

And so forth.  This handy reference guide will keep you from confusing the old meanings of political terms with the meanings that became current when an African-American Democrat got sworn in as POTUS, and insanity bloomed across the land.

The need for such an updated reference has been clear for some time.  I commend Josh Marshall, who began the enterprise by providing an updated definition for a term oft-used and abused by conniving Cons:
"Jamming it through": to vote on a bill.
Because we all know that when huge majorities in the House and Senate pass the legislation huge majorities of Americans elected them to pass, that is indeed "jamming it through."  Not to be confused with "respecting the will of the American people," which is what happens when minuscule Con minorities manage to block legislation the vast majority of Americans actually wanted before Con lies and fear-mongering reduced support for the self-same legislation to a simple majority.

I do hope this updated lexicon helps my dear readers from saner countries to better comprehend American politics.  Sad, innit?

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