07 March, 2010

I Need My Chaos Lee

It's been far, far too long since Chaos Lee and I had a long, rambling talk about metal.  I know this because I just had to find out all on my onesie about happenings around some of the greatest metal bands out there.

I love Iced Earth, which Chaos introduced me to many years ago.  Especially love Matt Barlow, their lead, who's one of the best metal vocalists of all time as far as I'm concerned.  But I've been off on a symphonic metal tangent, so I haven't kept up as I should.

So tonight, I'm playing the "If you like..." game with Amazon.  Wanted more stuff along the lines of Visions of Atlantis.  Found a band called Pyramaze.  Nothing like Visions of Atlantis, but some of the most solid metal I've heard in years.  And hell, I'm in the mood.  So I start listening to them on Playlist.  Who should I hear singing a few songs in but... Matt Barlow.


A trot through Wikipedia informs me that after September 11th, Matt quit metal to become a cop.  The former front man for Judas Priest, Tim Owen, was just then getting kicked out of Judas due to the Return of Rob Halford.  And off Tim goes to join Iced Earth whilst Matt joined the police force. 

I'd had no damned idea.  And I didn't think it'd been that long since Chaos and I had a chit-chat about All Things Metal.

But Matt's now back with Iced Earth (by way of Pyramaze) and Tim's off doing about six thousand different projects, and things have apparently been very interesting whilst I've dawdled on the symphonic side.

I need my Chaos Lee....  I feel so out of touch...  argh.

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Chaos Lee said...

Whoops... I've been way too out of touch... e-mail me, anytime you need some musical diatribe action.