02 March, 2010

Stay of Execution

Another notebook and pen would've bought it today, but Aunty Flow deigned to show just as they were being fed their last meal.  Alas for them, she's only around for a week.  And there is no appeal to a higher authority.  Mwah-ha-ha. 

So we're taking the opportunity now to clear out the DVR.  Many, many weeks of The Daily Show and Colbert Report to watch, plus a great many educational programs that have languished whilst the Muse relentlessly cracked ye olde whip.  I've got Monty Python and the Holy Grail.  Then there's books I haven't been able to read - I actually finished a book this morning!  And started another one!  And the Muse didn't argue!  She knows that my writing ability suffers when I'm doubled over in agony.  I can see her lovingly oil the whip, though.

I've got even more lined up that's actually writing-related.  Plenty o' work on that front that can be done when ye olde body's at less than 100%.  In fact, between the DVR, the books, and the busywork, it's almost too bad these enforced breaks last only a few days.  (Almost.  I'm really looking forward to writing those scenes I've got sketched, so let's hope Aunty doesn't overstay her welcome.)

Eventually, we'll even have a blog post on pollyticks.  It's kinda hard trying to read, nurse an aching uterus, and watch teevee at the same time, but I'm getting there. 

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