04 March, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

I've only read two political blogs today, and I'm already stuffed to the gills with stupid.

I mean, we've got the media now blaring the Con talking points about how "controversial" reconciliation is - when back in 2003, they didn't make a peep.  Not.  One.  Folks, listen to me: if reconciliation is this horrific process that destroys the republic, then the fucking republic was already destroyed.  The Cons have used this process seventeen fucking times.  The Dems?  A grand total of seven.  Now, I know numbers can be confusing to our media, so let me just put it like this:


Please note which is the largest number.  That's the number of times the Republicans have used this "controversial" procedure to "force" legislation through by *gasp* *horror* majority vote.  And the number of times the media screamed and yelled and had heart palpitations over it?  0.

The double standard in this country is unfuckingbelievable.

In other news, we've got a manufactroversy working its way up to a full screaming tantrum.  Apparently, in Con circles, if a man is eminently qualified for a federal judgeship, if he is supported by "Sen. Orrin Hatch (R-Utah), Sen. Bob Bennett (R-Utah), and Rep. Jason Chaffetz (R-Utah)," if he would make an outstanding addition to the federal bench, he is merely being used to tempt his brother into voting for health care reform.  Because, you see, his brother is a Blue Dog Dem.  That's it.  That's the sum total of the evidence Cons are running with.  That's what's got them all worked into a frenzy.

I would really, really like a sane minority party now, please.  And, Minnesota?  Would you please be so kind as to do something with Michelle Bachmann come next election day, pleaseI'mbeggingyou?  She's not even my rep, and she's making me feel mortal embarrassment.

Moving on, I cannot help but mention Michael Steele's latest troubles.  Anyone who was tempted to believe the RNC was still being run by adults can dispense with that notion now.  Likewise anyone who believed Cons would actually offer ideas.  Their idea, simply, boils down to this: "Hey!  Let's scare America into voting for us!" 

Well, it's not like they have anything else going for them, now, is it?

There's a lot more stupid where that comes from, but the crème de la crème, the pinnacle, the most outstanding dumbfuckery of the day, is the letter John McCain's waving around in a pathetic attempt to keep DADT from being repealed:
One of the reports these opponents hide behind is by “Flag and General Officers for the Military.” It’s a letter signed by 1,000 “distinguished retired military leaders” who all say they oppose DADT repeal: “Our past experience as military leaders leads us to be greatly concerned about the impact of repeal [of the law] on morale, discipline, unit cohesion, and overall military readiness.” On Feb. 2, for example, a “cranky” Sen. John McCain (R-AZ) told Mullen and Defense Secretary Robert Gates, “Well, I hope you’ll pay attention to the views of over a thousand retired and flag general officers” when considering whether to repeal DADT. Frank Gaffney, president of conservative Center for Security Policy, cited the letter in a Washington Times op-ed that same day.

However, a new Servicemembers United report severely undermines the legitimacy of this letter. Some of the problems:
The average age of the officers is 74. The “oldest living signer is 98, and several signers died in the time since the document was published.” Servicemembers United Executive Director Alex Nicholson added that only “a small fraction of these officers have even served in the military during the ‘Don’t Ask, Don’t Tell’ period, much less in the 21st century military,” so it’s hard to believe that they “know how accepting and tolerant 18- and 21-year-olds are today.
– “At least one signer, Gen. Louis Menetrey, was deceased when the letter was published and didn’t sign the document himself. According to a footnote on the letter, his wife signed the document for him after his death using power of attorney — six years after Alzheimer’s disease robbed him of the ability to communicate.”
– One signatory said that they “no longer want to be a part of the letter, writing to the organization, ‘I do not wish to be on any list regarding this issue.‘”
Multiple generals said they “never agreed” to sign the letter in the first place, writing “I never agreed. To represent either side of this issue” and “I do not remember being asked about this issue.”
At least seven officers “were involved in scandals tarnishing their careers.” Gen. Carl Mundy, for instance, gained negative publicity when he told CBS’s 60 Minutes that “minority officers do not shoot as well as the non-minorities.”
In June 2009, a PBS’s Ray Suarez also did a report on the letter, reporting, “The NewsHour contacted a number of four-star officers requesting an interview for this story. However, none agreed to speak to us on camera. One general expressed surprise his name was even on the list, since he says he had never agreed to sign the letter, and at least three officers listed as signatories are dead.”
So.  We've got a letter signed by dead people, people who didn't know someone had signed their names to this schlock, old geezers who aren't even in the military anymore and are terminally out of touch with the modern era, people who don't want their names on it, and people one really shouldn't associate with if they want to retain any shred, atom or indeed quark of credibility.  Fantastic.  That really shores up the position of the "gayz r icky" brigade.

I guess McCain figures if it's good enough for creationists, it's good enough for him.  He's taking a page right out of DIsco's playbook, there.  We all know how much that was worth:

(By the way, for those who are curious, there are currently over 1100 Steves signed on to Project Steve, the NCSE's brilliant response to all those supposed skeptical scientists.  So much for all that controversy over evolution in the scientific community, eh?)

We're also seeing shades of Inhofe's list of scientists who dissent from global warming.  Said list is savaged here and here:
“Padded” would be an extremely generous description of this list of “prominent scientists.” Some would use the word “laughable” (though not the N.Y. Times‘ Andy Revkin, see below). For instance, since when have economists, who are pervasive on this list, become scientists, and why should we care what they think about climate science?

Then we have the likes of this from Inhofe’s list:
CBS Chicago affiliate Chief Meteorologist Steve Baskerville expressed skepticism that there is a “consensus” about mankind’s role in global warming.
Wow, a TV weatherman expressed skepticism. If only the IPCC had been told of this in time, they could have scrapped their entire report. Seriously, Wikipedia says “Baskerville is an alumnus of Temple University and holds a Certificate in Broadcast Meteorology from Mississippi State University.” I guess Inhofe has a pretty low bar for “prominent scientists” — but then again he once had science fiction writer Michael Crichton testify at a hearing on climate science.
I suppose, then, it's only a matter of time before McCain calls upon some anti-gay actor to testify against repealing DADT, exhorting us to take seriously his wise counsel because he wore a uniform in a two-bit war movie once.

I'd say these fucktards who have to make up fictitious lists of supporters are fucking pathetic, but that would be a grave insult to fucking pathetic people everywhere.  They're so far beyond pathetic they can't see it on a clear day. Pathetic, in fact, would be a vast improvement over their current state of abject dumbfuckery.

Now, if you'll excuse me, my poor brain has melted down from a critical overload of burning stupid.  Must go have a lie-down...

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Chris Rhetts said...

I just wanted to say that just a few minutes ago, in a rare, life altering moment of clarity, I FINALLY GOT IT! Republicans are offering us an amazingly delightful alternative to reality and we, poor fools, don't have the sense God gave a piss ant to accept it. What's the matter with us anyway? Consider for a moment that instead of castigating dickheads like Tony Watts and Jim Inhofe - all we have to do is close our eyes, wish really, really hard that they aren't the two-faced douche bags they seem to be, and *poof!* global warming goes away in a cloud of shit. By the way this Chardonnay I'm sucking down by the quart right now is fantastic. You should try some.