02 March, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

As usual, there's an overabundance of dumbfuckery.  Sorting through it, trying to select the most dumbfuckalicious tidbit to serve up to my readers, is a difficult task.  I mean, should I continue beating Jim "Fuck you and your unemployment benefits / doctor payments / transportation projects!" Bunning?  Not to mention all of the dumbfuck Cons who, although they have no actual quibbles with the legislation Bunning's blocking, have come galloping in defense of the indefensible?  Rich possibilities, there.

But what about Rep. Sue "Even though I've smeared every Muslim in the country, it's okay because some of my friends are Arab" Myrick, who's now taking serious heat from her constituents over her dumbshittery?

How about all of the states, including my own, who have climate change denialism bills pending or passed?  Rich pickings, there.  Very, very rich indeed.  Some people need to be sat down with a copy of Al Gore's Our Choice.  Even if they can't understand the clear, mostly jargon-free text, they should be able to get a few clues from the simple diagrams.

But I think we'll just have to pick... the absolutely disgusting political attacks from Cons against the Justice Department employees who decided that the rule of law was important.  Here's how low these fucktards will go (h/t):
In the latest bit of brazen slander from the right, Republican Senators are trying to invent a scandal about Justice Department lawyers who — horror — represented Guantanamo detainees. You know, provided the representation that the Rehnquist and Roberts Supreme Court has repeatedly ruled those detainees are entitled? And which even the military commissions provide for? Instead, there’s this McCarthyite tactic of calling Justice Department lawyers the “Gitmo Nine,” a name that oh-so-cleverly suggests that those lawyers were themselves detained at Guantanamo. From the Washington Times:
Sen. Chuck Grassley of Iowa is rightly unhappy that the Justice Department won’t divulge the names of the nine Justice Department lawyers who directly represented suspected-terrorist detainees, or their cases. Grassley identified two himself, Neal Katyal (an aside: Katyal is a very impressive guy and very charming and level-headed) and Jennifer Daskal.
There’s absolutely nothing “hidden” about this; it’s a pure smear job. Daskal, a former Human Rights Watch attorney, is so committed to hiding her representation of Guantanamo detainees that it’s on her Wikipedia page. And Katyal, the deputy solicitor general whom even this Washington Times bottom-feeder has to concede is a talented attorney, very publicly represented Salim Ahmed Hamdan and took his case to the Supreme Court, which promptly struck down the first phase of the military commissions. There is not a shred of a legitimate issue here, just pure innuendo.

But wait!  There's yet more outrageously disgusting behavior!
Liz Cheney’s neoconservative outfit Keep America Safe has released an ad today ominously warning of the anonymous “al Qaeda seven” in the Justice Department: 

In a coordinated assault, a plethora of other right wing voices are issuing similarly irresponsible charges:
– The American Spectator escalates the number of potential terrorist “abettors” in the Department of Justice from 9 to “as many as 13 to 16.”
– David Davenport, a researcher at the conservative Hoover Institution, wrote in an editorial for the San Francisco Chronicle, “The Department of Justice is supposed to be prosecuting terrorists, not coddling them.”
– The Investor’s Business Daily headlines its editorial: “DOJ: Department of Jihad?” “Just whose side are they on?” IBD asks.
– “It’s like they’re bringing al Qaeda lawyers inside the Department of Justice,” said Debra Burlingame, who lost her brother on 9/11 and a board member of Liz Cheney’s group Keep America Safe.
You know, my uterus is kicking up too much of a fuss to give these disgusting dumbfucks the proper kicking they deserve.  But this, I think, does it quite well indeed:
"This is the typically regressive fear tactic that you expect from anybody named Cheney," said Morris Davis, the former chief prosecutor at the Bush era military commissions, who has been a critic of the commission system. 

"Back in the 18th century after the Boston Massacre, we provided a zealous defense [to British soldiers], and a lot of people there have the same view," he siad. [sic]
And which terrorist sympathizer was all for fair trials for foreigners who murdered good American citizens?  None other than John Adams.

These little shits need to stop making up American history and actually start studying some.  Then, possibly, they might be able to extract their heads from their colons long enough to understand that the ideals this country was founded on weren't limited to natural-born citizens approved by the conservative class, and discover that McCarthyism wasn't a proud moment worth emulating.

Then again, I might have far too much faith in their ability to think a decent thought...

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