15 March, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

Congratulations, Virginia.  You've elected not one, but two, batshit crazy Cons:
I feel like we've seen this story before: a Republican runs statewide in Virginia, presents himself as a moderate, gets elected, and ends up being significantly more right-wing then he let on during the campaign.
Take newly-elected state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli (R), for example.
Not Larry Sabato posts an audio clip of Virginia Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli, apparently recorded some time during the campaign, musing about how one could go about challenging President Obama's eligibility for the office and saying that the speculation that he was actually born in Kenya "doesn't seem beyond the realm of possibility."
Cuccinelli added that "it's possible" he would use his office to test the president's eligibility/citizenship if Virginia were involved in litigation against the federal government.

The poor dumbfuck's backpedaling wildly, yammering about how this was just a hypothetical answer to a hypothetical question.  Context, alas, didn't seem to make it better.

It rather puts me in mind of an anecdote I read in a book called Knock Your Socks Off Answers.  A man called an insurance company, and said something along the lines of, "Let's say I hypothetically rent a mule at the Grand Canyon and I hypothetically shoot it.  Does my homeowner's insurance cover that?"  If the man had said later that he'd absolutely never had any intention of whatsoever of shooting a mule, and never would, and moreover believed mules should never be shot, but was just getting a hypothetical answer to a hypothetical question, wouldn't you think he's full of shit?

And let's consider this hypothetical in perspective:
This is, by the way, the same Cuccinelli who recently told Virginia's colleges and universities to scrap policies that ban discrimination against gay employees. Cuccinelli also told voters last year that he's considering not registering his son for a Social Security number because "it is being used to track you."
At this point, who the fuck cares if he was giving a hypothetical answer to a hypothetical question?  He's still a batshit crazy Con.  I guess Virginia wanted a matched set, so they chose McConnell and Cuccinelli.  Or maybe there was a two-for-one deal on the batshit insanity.

Speaking of which, Arizona Cons have a choice between John "Used-to-be-a-maverick-now-I'm-just-a-hack" McCain and J.D. "Men Will Marry Horses!" Hayworth.  What a conundrum, eh?

And Minnesota's resident embarrassment Michele Bachmann thinks we can all sue the guvmint and  won't have to pay our taxes if health care reform passes.  Alas, because a majority of Minnesotans are stupid or insane in her district, she gets to call herself a lawmaker.

*Update: My darlings, I hate to poach so much from poor Steve Benen, but I can't help it that he found the most entertaining shit today.  Case in point: well, I'm not quite sure how to explain it.  You'll just have to go see for yourselves.

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