08 March, 2010

I Loved Her Better as a Vengeance Demon

I've been catching up on busywork and research bits this afternoon.  Watched (okay, sorta watched) a movie called The Saddest Music in the World.  It's absurd in the extreme, but it's got Isabella Rossellini, which almost made it worth it.  I've liked her ever since she was in Alias.  Hadn't realized she played Nimue in that utterly awful version of Merlin.  You know an actress is good when she doesn't look or sound anything like herself depending on the movie.

Still having things to do, and needing a movie for background noise I wouldn't feel compelled to pay attention to, I chose A Valentine's Carol from the free On Demand movies.  Well, it had Emma Caulfield, who played Enya in Buffy.  And really awful romantic comedies seem to be what the Muse has been in the mood for lately.  I think it has something to do with offending her sensibilities and deciding we're going to prove how it's really done.  Or something.  Maybe the bitch just likes making me suffer.  I did suffer.  It's one of those films that's about 90 minutes of gawd-awful kitsch.  But for some reason, it actually worked in the end.  It actually left me giggling and content.  It's not a life-changing film, by any means, but for pure dumb chick-flick fun, it's not bad.  Call it the Big Mac of the romantic film genre.  Sometimes, a Big Mac really does hit the spot. 

And it's set in Seattle, so I got to enjoy nice shots of my city.  Another point in its favor.

Still.  Liked Emma better as a vengeance demon.

In other movie news, I see Avatar didn't win Oscars for best film or screenplay.  To which I say: good.  If that rewrite of Pocahontas had won either category, I would have been very annoyed.

Now, if you'll excuse me, the Muse seems to be ready to get back to work after an enforced absence due to a certain non-beloved aunt...

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Efrique said...

Enya -> Anya

(yeah, I know, it's just a typo, but I'm anal)