14 March, 2010


Anybody familiar with Alexandria, Virginia and environs?  I sincerely hope so, because the intertoobz are being no bloody help at all.  Tell me where one would find a simple home on a couple of acres of land relatively close to Alexandria on the way to Quantico, and I will be yours forever.


J. Random said...

What are you looking for this house for?

I guess what I'm asking is, is this something you need a realtor for?

Dana Hunter said...

Suppose I should've made clear why I won't be pestering realtors. No intention to buy - it's research for a book I'm working on. One of my characters has a house in Alexandria, on an acre or two of land. No idea where one would find such a thing in or near that city that doesn't have about ten thousand rooms, from what I've managed to find searching home listings. So I'm hoping one of my dear readers knows the city and can point me to the right neighborhood.

J. Random said...

If they're rich, McLean. Middle class, Fairfax. Though the separation is not at all perfect.

Quantico, or Q-Town, is almost two hrs away.

If you let me know what you're looking for I can probably get you exactly the info you need, my previous job took me all over the Northern VA area.