21 March, 2010

Yes They Could

They did it.  At long last, we have health care reform.  We've begun.  Now we have a foundation, imperfect as it is, that can be built upon.

Drinks on the house tonight, my darlings.  And make sure Cujo gets a few stiff ones, as he won't be a happy puppy tonight.  As for the rest of us, I do believe some drunken debauchery is in order.

Oh, and Republicans?  Ha ha ha fuck you!  That is all.

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Chris Rhetts said...

You really ought to go look at David Frum's take on this:


I've argued for years that honest liberals and conservatives BOTH have a constructive part to play in government. Yet on issue after issue, conservatives today are checking their brains at the door and allowing right wing media clowns to make all their decisions for them.