19 March, 2010

Shameful Admission

I've been listening to, and enjoying, a rap song.  No, not "Fuck You" by Pharoahe Monche - of course I love that song, and I'm not ashamed to admit it.  It's called "Fuck You."  What's not to love?

No, it's not "Fuck You" that makes me scuff my toes and look down at the ground and mumble shamefully "yeahI'vebeenlisteningtoiteverynightsowhat."  It's "Wolves" by Krumbsnatcha that does that to me.

Just thought you all should know in case you swing by the house and hear me shouting "And let the wolves out / let the wolves out / let the wolves out!" and wonder if you have the wrong house.  You don't.  It's mine.  And I'm still metal, damn it.

Also planned to blog a lot of pollyticks, but they've been forced to the backburner by the Muse, who is now looking at me with a meaningful flick of the whip, so I must go.

1 comment:

Nicole said...

My muse has been finding ways to be more aggressive, too.

Let's hope yours and mine don't ever meet. Then yours will be Dominatrix meets Sister Mary Catherine, while mine will be Sister Mary Catherine meets Dominatrix.