14 March, 2010

Woozle's Got Talent

You know what, my darlings?  I'm glad I posted that silly post about song covers, because this is how I'm starting my morning: Woozle on keyboards.  Woot!

For those of you considering not clicking the link, or maybe putting the link off for later, lemme give you some incentive.  It's a short song, so even if you're busy, it'll fit nicely into your day.  It's got an energetic drumline and Woozle on keyboards.  You know how Woozle's got a talent for thoroughly taking down really stupid people?  Let's just say that his keyboard work proves this is not his only talent.  The singer reminds me of Motorhead, and those of you who love Lemmy know why that is awesome.  And while it seems to be an anti-drug message, which rather goes against the whole sex-drugs-rock-n'-roll ethos, that's quite all right, because it made me want to finish my morning by buying a motorcycle and a leather jacket. 

If we'd had Woozle and his band playing at our anti-drug rallies, I daresay they would have been a lot more fun, not to mention cool.  Alas, all we got was one DARE officer checking the hallway for oncoming school authorities before leaning toward us all and saying, "Drugs are shit," which was the coolest thing that ever happened in our anti-drug activities.  Still pretty cool in a conservative, religious community where people thought "darn" was a little risque, but nowhere near as cool as a rock band.

Now, my darlings, if any of the rest of you have hidden talents you'd like to reveal, you may feel free to announce them in the comments.  Then I can brag about you.

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Woozle said...

Actually, the supposed anti-drug message was entirely sarcastic, although I suppose this isn't very clear from the lyrics. The guy who wrote the song (and did the vocals and bass) is a longtime user of the herb, and possibly other controlled substances. (I don't know if that's wahat made him paranoid, or if he was just that way naturally.)

I was the weird non-drug-user in the group, but I still support the message of "just say no to {just saying no to things rather than getting as much information as you can and then making up your own mind}".

Another one from the band: Dysfunctional Family Blues -- I wrote it and did the lead vocal. (Bits of it are... off... and consequently make me cringe; I plan to fix it eventually, with the modern miracle of digital multitrack editing. Still trying to make room to set up the half-inch 8-track reel tape deck so I can transcribe it.)

I've also posted a lot of solo stuff (much of it more recent) on my "creative" site, woozalia.com; The Penguin Song generally gets a positive reaction, if you're looking for something short. (Warning: if you're coming from just having listened to "Brain on Drugs", be sure to tell yourself "and now for something completely different" before playing this one.)