31 March, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

This, my darlings, is pure-P pathetic (h/t):

Guys, it's really hard to be Shelby Steele. First you write a book about how Barack Obama can't win the 2008 election because he's constrained by the traditional roles of black people in American politics. After he wins you're stuck writing harried op-eds about how he only won because white people felt really guilty and wanted to vote for a black guy, a thesis belied by the available demographic information. Conversely, you praise then-candidate for RNC Chair Michael Steele as someone with "integrity" who "really stands for something," which was already embarrassing enough at the time.

Then, when the political winds seem to be blowing misfortune Obama's way, you eagerly rub your hands together and write about how Obama is ineffectual as a president because he never had the chops to get the job done after all, because he was only elected because he's black. Then, of course, Obama pushes historic health-care legislation through Congress that puts him on the same playing field as the most prominent Democratic presidents in American history.

So now that Obama has repeatedly proved his public assessments about race wrong, Steele writes about how these accomplishments were only achieved because Obama, as a black man, needs to prove that he's just as good as all the other white presidents:
Mr. Obama's success has always been ephemeral because it was based on an illusion: that if we Americans could transcend race enough to elect a black president, we could transcend all manner of human banalities and be on our way to human perfectibility. A black president would put us in a higher human territory. And yet the poor man we elected to play out this fantasy is now torturing us with his need to reflect our grandiosity back to us.
A president with an inflated sense of ego and concern over his ultimate historical legacy? How black of him.
I feel a bit sorry for this poor schmo.  You know what, actually, I don't.  If he wants to sit around spinning little stories for himself meant to explain away just what a tremendous dumbshit he is and only end up drilling himself a deeper hole, I have no pity at all.  Wot an idiot.

Bonus dumbfuckery: Faux News strikes again, misrepresenting LL Cool J and Toby Keith to sell Palin, pissing the two of them off mightily in the process.  I just want to know one thing: are the fucktards at Faux really so fucking stupid they couldn't see a trainwreck in the making?

No, you don't have to answer that.  I already know the answer begins with a Y and ends with an ES.

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