11 March, 2010

Dumbfuckery du Jour

You know, I used to like Stars on Ice.  No more:
Glaad reports that sponsors have “refused to allow” American figure skater Johnny Weir to join the Stars on Ice Tour because they deemed him “not family friendly.” While Weir — a three-time national champion — has never “officially announced his sexual orientation, he has garnered a significant amount of LGBT fans” and is also known for his flashy costumes. Weir won an online poll that asked fans who they wanted to see in the tour, but Stars on Ice seems to have barred him because of his “perceived sexual orientation”:
To say that Weir is “not family friendly” would be a clear jab at his perceived sexual orientation. Weir is extremely involved with his family. He is putting his younger brother through college, and supports the family financially because his father’s disability prohibits him from working. Weir’s dedication to his family can be clearly documented in the Sundance series, Be Good Johnny Weir, which follows him and his family and friends through his life and career as a championship skater.
If he's not family-friendly, no one is, and they should just shut the show down.  Fuck it.  Fuck them.  This is total fucking bullshit, they know it, we know it, and I hope they suffer a backlash the likes of which they've never seen.

Should you wish to sign a petition regarding this dumbfuckery, you may do so here.

That's not all we've got in anti-gay animus news today.  Here's another something outrageous:
A Mississippi school district has canceled this year’s prom at Itawamba Agricultural High School after the Mississippi ACLU urged school officials to allow a lesbian couple to attend. Administrators turned down requests from 18-year-old Constance McMillen and her girlfriend, another student at the school, who planned on wearing a tuxedo. The school cited “distractions to the educational process caused by recent events” as reason for canceling the event, suggesting that “a private group host an independent prom instead.” McMillen, however, said the district’s decision was “retaliation” for speaking out:
“Oh, my God. That’s really messed up because the message they are sending is that if they have to let gay people go to prom that they are not going to have one,” she said. “A bunch of kids at school are really going to hate me for this, so in a way it’s really retaliation.”

School officials told McMillen last month that she could not bring her sophomore girlfriend to the prom and could not wear a tuxedo. The school then circulated a memo prohibiting same-sex dates.

I asked my teacher about it, and she said, ‘Well, you have to remember where you are,’” McMillen said.
Yes.  In fucking America.  Where, apparently, we have not achieved a level of civilization high enough to let non-hetero highschoolers attend proms.  So afraid of teh icky gay, in fact, that instead of letting same-sex couples slow dance, schools feel it appropriate to just cancel the whole fucking prom.

Is it just me, or has there been a rather sharp upswing in the bigoted intolerant fucktard quotient?  And why the fuck are we letting it happen? 

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