11 August, 2010

Covered in Ash, Sand, and Glacial Outwash

I'm back safely from Mount Rainier, my darlings.  It kindly didn't fall down on top of us, just pouted behind clouds for the majority of the day.  We didn't get to see the moraine we wanted to see because the trail was washed out (since 2006 - you'd think they'd have maybe found time to update their day hikes!).  We didn't get to see the Nisqually Glacier, as it was buried in the clouds.  But I do not regret going there on a cloudy day:

ZOMG you guys fucking unbelievable!

Because we couldn't get to the things we wanted to get to (aside from the hot springs - mah first!), we ended up doing things we hadn't expected, like hanging about in this valley and getting surprised by rainbows, and then discovering one of the greatest places evah - but I'm keeping that one secret until I can write a proper post. 

I will tell you about the book I'm currently cuddling.  I picked up Hiking Guide to Washington Geology in the Paradise gift shop, and when I opened it upon getting home and read a few pages, I literally kissed it.  Gave it a big ol' smooch right on its top.  Actually, several smooches, one for each new delight I discovered merely skimming.  This book is like having a geologist holding my hand on these hikes!  And some of them are actually hikes I've done!  I love this book!!!

But I should probably stop molesting it for a moment.

I'll have a trip report up soon with a smattering of geological goodies (reserving quite a few for in-depth posts later in the year, after all the damned adventures are done and I can actually write them up).  But thee shall have a sunset:

Yes, Mount Rainier peeked out at us just in time to say goodbye, at the best possible moment.  Can you believe that was taken in Handheld Twilight mode?  My camera earned itself a kiss today, too.

It'll probably earn several more once I've had a chance to go through the photos, but for now, I've been up for 20 hours, I've been all over a volcano, and it's bloody well time for bed.


george.w said...


You're making a great argument for people spending their money on creative tools, their time on learning to use them, and their attention on finding something to be creative about.

Suzanne said...

that was a forking awesome sunset dana. can't wait for the report -- glad you are home safe and sound.